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What is CIDiS?

CIDiS stands for “Consorzio Pubblico Interuniversitario per la gestione degli interventi per il Diritto allo Studio Universitario” (State sponsored scholarships and grants for outstanding students in need of financial aid); it acts as an intermediary between universities and Visiting students. CIDiS manages accommodation, canteen service, book loan and Internet connection casinoin.

Are there rules that run Erasmus students' life in CIDiS houses of residences?

Yes, there are for Erasmus+ Students Rules divided according to the belonging Universities, translated in three different languages:


State Uni icon Reg ITA icon Reg ENG icon Reg ESP
Bicocca Uni  icon Reg ITA icon Reg ENG icon Reg ESP

In addition there are “General Rules for University Accommodation”


The students for being accepted in CIDiS  House of Residences must accept both Rules.


How can I book an accommodation at CIDiS halls of residence?

Erasmus+ students must make an advanced payment of:

- € 300,00 in case of arrival during the first fortnight (1st - 15th)
- € 150,00 in case of arrival during the second fortnight (16th - 31th)

Erasmus+ students are required to pay € 350,00 as unprofitable caution deposit.
The receipts of advanced payment must arrive, no later than July 20th, 2023 for the first semester, and the Dec. 14th, 2023 for the second semester, at the following addresses:

- Via fax to the n. +39 02.5820.7205 or to the e-mail address: Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. , for students enrolled at University of Milano;
-Via fax to n. +39 02.6448.7060 or to the e-mail address:  Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. , for students enrolled at University of Milano-Bicocca.


Why do I have to pay also € 350,00 for the deposit?

The payment of the unprofitable deposit amounting to € 350,00 is required to cover costs deriving from any possible damage to the room which the student is responsible for or deriving from any damage to common areas if the persons responsible are not identified.

Will the € 350,00 deposit be refunded?

The € 350,00 caution deposit will be entirely refunded after the check-out procedure, at the end of the Erasmus+ stay, costs for damages, unpaid fees or other debts excluded. The unprofitable deposit will be returned via bank transfer on personal bank account for Erasmus+ students belonging to University of Milano, on the Bicocca University Smart Card or through money transfer for Erasmus+ students belonging to University of Milano-Bicocca.

Which are CIDiS' bank data?

RECIPIENT:             CIDiS -   Via Santa Sofia 9, 20232 – Milano

BANK:                      Banca Popolare di Sondrio–Agenzia 21 – Via E. Bonardi, 4 - Milano

ACCOUNT:              000001100X54

CAB:                         01620

ABI:                           05696

CIN:                            X

IBAN:                        IT73X0569601620230001100X54

SWIFT:                      POSOIT22

It is obligatory to point out as description of payment:

  • “FAMILY NAME - FIRST NAME – Statale Erasmus+ Student”
  • “FAMILY NAME - FIRST NAME – Bicocca Erasmus+ Student”

How do I receive confirmation of my booking?

CIDiS verified the payment of the first rent along with the deposit, shall communicate, via e-mail, the student the possibility of accessing to the computerized room assignment , enclosing a link to access.

Which are CIDiS Halls of Residence reserved for Erasmus+ Students?

CIDiS provides, under the Erasmus+ Community Program, accommodations in the following university  Halls of Residence:

University of Milano Erasmus+ Students:

Bassini Residence - 36/38, Edoardo Bassini Street - 20233 - Milan;

G. Modena Residence – 36, Gustavo Modena Street - 20233 - Milan;

Plinio Residence – 44, Plinio Street - 20239 - Milan;

Santa Sofia Residence – 9, Santa Sofia Street – 20232 Milan;
Ripamonti Residence – 6, Muzio Attendolo Sforza Street – 20231 – Milan.

University of Milano-Bicocca Erasmus+ Students:

Building 12 " Residenza delle Fontane" – 5,Vizzola Street – 20236 – Milan;

Building 22 " Residenza del Parco" – 75, Mantova Street – 20239 – Sesto S.Giovanni.

How many places are available for Erasmus+ Students in CIDiS Halls of Residence?

The places available for Erasmus+ Students in the facilities run by CIDiS are:
University of Milano: 180 places

University of Milano Bicocca: 100 places .

May I choose the House of Residence?

Accommodations are chosen depending on room availability.

CIDiS shall communicate, via e-mail, the student the possibility of accessing to the computerized room assignment . At the time of accessing the procedure, students can choose the House of Residence, among those who have availability of bed places for Erasmus + students.

May I have a single room?

Erasmus+ Students are hosted in shared rooms.

May I move to another dorm or do an internal transfer, in the same House of Residence, where I am hosted?

For moving to another House of Residence or changing it, students must go and ask for the authorization at CIDiS' Erasmus Office.

Will the Hall of Residence where I will be hosted, provide me with room equipments?

By the acceptance of the accommodation in the House of Residence, the conventional room furniture is granted. The student must sign a report on the furniture and the materials supplied in the room of which he will be responsible (blankets, sheets, pillow, mattress cover, bed cover, bath towel, face towel, hand towel). Students are highly recommended to check material list.

May I customize my room furniture?

The student must use only forniture or electrical appliances already present in the room (see art. n. 5 General Rules).

What should I do once arrived in Milan?

On the arrival day,  the Erasmus+ Students must present at the Hall of Residence specified in the admission letter downloaded from the computerized system of room assignment. To enter the dorm,  students must have a valid  I.D. Card  or Passport, a passport photo,  and the admission letter. Only in case of emergency students can directly contact CIDiS Offices.

Where are CIDiS Offices?

University of Milano Erasmus+ Students: the address of the referring office is: 9, Santa Sofia Street - Milan - 2nd floor, room n. 29 - business hours from Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

University of Milano-Bicocca Erasmus+ Students: the address of the referring office is: 5, Vizzola Street - Milan - Building U12 Bicocca Campus - 2nd floor - business hours Monday: 1.45 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.; from Tuesday to Friday: 9.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.

May I extend my stay at CIDiS dorms?

The maximum length of stay allowed by CIDiS corresponds to the number of months stated in the agreements between the hosting University and the student’s home University. Requests for extension of stay (extension mobility) will be accepted by CIDiS only in case of availability of accommodations and after the University approval. All requests for extension of stay must be communicated in advance to CIDiS, at least 30 days before the end of the Erasmus stay.

How can I pay the monthly rent?

The payments of the monthly rents must be made in advance, by the 10th of each month of reference, by MAV form that will be sent monthly by CIDiS on the e-mail box assigned and activated by the university ( Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. - Questo indirizzo e-mail è protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. ). For late payments a € 15.00 fine will be applied. 

The student is compelled to use MAV forms; these can be paid at any bank (free banking transaction) or on the website https://scrigno.popso.it/PagoFacile/servlet/SeBenvenuto (enter as anonymous user). The costs for on line transaction can vary  depending on the type of credit card used. It is not necessary to produce the receipt of payment to CIDiS.

If I check-out within the first fortnight of the month (1 - 16), do I pay the full rent or have I a reduction?

The rent is reduced of the 50% if the check-out is done from 1 - 16 of the month.

What should I do for checking-out from the dorm and having my deposit back?

Due to organization reasons, students should communicate the departure date to CIDiS Office and to Hall of Residence Reception‘s Desk,  at least 7 days before the due leaving date.
The Hall of Residence‘s Manager will send to the competent office and to the student’s e-mail box, a copy of the check-out report .

For Erasmus+ Students belonging to  University of Milano, CIDiS will prepare a foreign  bank transfer to return the unprofitable deposit back.
So, when the student fills in the online form, he/she must insert the bank data (IBAN and SWIFT) of a personal or joint bank account in student’s name in the computerized system, in the section “bed place acceptance”.

For Erasmus + Students belonging to University of Milano-Bicocca, to return the deposit back CIDiS will make a bank transfer on Bicocca University Smart Card released from the University or on the student’s personal bank account. For this purpose, the student should activate the Smart Card received from the University at any branch of the “Banca Popolare di Sondrio”. The Smart Card released from Bicocca University can be also used abroad. Otherwise, the student must communicate the data of his/her personal bank account (IBAN and SWIFT codes) before the end of the stay.

Is any canteen service available for Erasmus+ students?

Erasmus+ Students of University of Milano and University of Milano-Bicocca, can access the University canteens and cafeterias affiliated with CIDis and consume 2 meals daily from Monday to Sunday. Price list of the canteen service, list of canteens and cafeterias that have a convention with CIDiS and terms of use are available on this website

What have I to do to take advantage of the book loan service?

Erasmus students may make use of the service paying a € 50,00 security deposit that will be refunded at the end of the use of the service. Rules and regulations for the book loan service can be found on this website.

Are there any Italian language courses for Erasmus+ Students?

Italian Language courses for Erasmus students will be held between October and December (for students arriving in the first semester), and between February and April (for students arriving in the second semester). Students interested in the lessons are invited to fill the on-line application form at the following links: Unimi, Unimib.

Is it possible to have a free Internet connection in the halls of residence?

The halls of residence are connected by wireless or wired connection. From this page it is possible to download the instructions.